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WAVES Wins Another Award with Prestige Awards

Landscape photo of the Oakley Hotel in Basingstoke
Oakley Hall Hotel, Basingstoke

In an event that highlighted the unsung heroes of society, WAVES, a non-profit organisation (NPO) from Cornwall, was celebrated and honoured for their exceptional service and dedication towards victims of domestic abuse. The prestigious 'Domestic Abuse NPO of the Year' award for South England was presented to WAVES on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd March 2023 at the enchanting Oakley Hall Hotel, Basingstoke.

The award was a testament to WAVES' unwavering commitment to alleviating the distress and healing the wounds of individuals who have experienced or continue to suffer from domestic abuse. A flagship service of WAVES, which made them stand out in the eyes of the award committee, is their provision of 12 sessions of free counselling to those in need.

These sessions, delivered by specialist trained domestic abuse counsellors, provide a beacon of hope and a path to recovery for countless victims. As much as this award honoured the organisation, it also highlighted the incredible work done by these counsellors who are often the unsung heroes in the battle against domestic abuse.

Picture of Jo Stone (left) and Jane (right) both standing holding an award together in the centre, with a backdrop of sponsor company names and logos below the header title of Prestige Awards by Corporate LiveWire
Award Received by Jo Stone (left) and Jane (right)

Jo Stone, the WAVES Counselling Project Manager and Coordinator, and Jane, a WAVES Counsellor and Administrator, were present to receive the award. A photograph capturing the moment shows their pride and dedication towards their noble cause.

Jo Stone expressed her gratitude for the recognition saying:

"It is amazing to be recognised for the life-changing work that WAVES and its counsellors complete on a daily basis. We continue to hold the ethos of offering free counselling to anyone in need, regardless of gender, and sexuality. Thank you, Prestige, for this award and recognition". - Jo Stone (WAVES Manager)

Landscape photo from the side of Oakley Hall Hotel, Basingstoke, outside, picturing a green garden on a sunny day
Oakley Hall Hotel, Basingstoke

WAVES is more than just an organisation. It is a symbol of hope and strength for individuals who have been victims of domestic abuse. Their therapeutic intervention offers not just counselling but a chance for a new life, a life free from the shackles of trauma and abuse.

This recognition serves as a reminder that every individual deserves to live a life free from fear and violence. It is a testament to the tireless work done by WAVES and countless other organisations and individuals who are dedicated to making this a reality. It also highlights the importance of continued support for such crucial services.

In a society where domestic abuse is sadly still prevalent, organisations like WAVES stand as shining examples of dedication and compassion. Their work continues to challenge the status quo, provide critical support, and inspire a future where domestic abuse is a thing of the past.

If you are in need of support from the WAVES Counselling Project, or no someone who is, please visit our website: where you can phone, email, or make an online referral for yourself or somebody you know.

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