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Counselling Placements

A multi-award winning service in Cornwall. WAVES means Working Against Violence, Empowering Survivors, and we live and breathe what we do. Our service proudly provides 12 free sessions of counselling, offered to anyone who has been a victim of Domestic Violence or Abuse, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, income, or psychological assessment, because the reality is, anyone can be affected by domestic violence or abuse.

With WAVES, you will be allocated a minimum of 4 clients, and each of these clients will bravely bring you their story to share with you. 

We offer high quality, all inclusive training, focused on the abuse suffered by women, men, the LGBT+ community, while looking at the effects this has on children and society in a wider context. We will also look at social assumptions about domestic violence and abuse, and look at real cases. 

What We Offer You

Training that you will not find anywhere else

Our training is unique, provided by the WAVES Manager Jo Stone, you will receive high quality training using real life case studies, case examples relating to Cornwall, information and insights regarding domestic abuse for men, women, the LGBT+ community and children, as well as be given the tools, resources and techniques in how to work with those who have experienced abuse. Our training is split into separate individual sections you will receive a certificate for each part completed. Our training can be challenging at times but also though provoking and engaging, allowing you to be pushed to become an effective and life changing counsellor both within and outside of the WAVES Counselling Project.

Life Coach

Group Supervision

Book Club

WAVES provides mandatory supervision for all its counsellors whether on placement, voluntary or self-employed. Monthly group supervision allows us to ensure good practice and effective risk management, you will have the opportunity to discuss difficult or challenging cases with your group and the WAVES manager, as well as share good practice and aspects of your work you are proud of. Supervision also allows room to share useful resources, information, courses, or CPD that you may have come across as a group. Ultimately within our supervision groups, you can expect to be held safely, and afforded the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings in an environment that is supportive and non-judgemental, that is our ethos.

A variety of formats to provide counselling

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, WAVES has adapted to provide counselling in a variety of formats including face-to-face, phone, and video-based sessions. Our clients will have a mixture of preferences, where some are happy to engage in any format of counselling, and others will have a particular preference due to work commitments, childcare, etc. Many colleges will ask that counsellors complete a minimum of 50 therapeutic hours out of 100 face-to-face, with the rest able to be provided optionally in a remote way (video, phone etc.). WAVES will endeavor to offer you clients that allow you to meet your college requirements where possible.

Psychotherapy Session

A range of experience

Rainbow Flags

Not only will you be able to see clients in a variety of formats, but you will also be offered to see clients from a diverse range of backgrounds. WAVES provides counselling to anyone aged 16 or over who has experienced domestic abuse, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or psychological status, so you can be sure to be afforded the opportunity to fully experience and understand domestic abuse. WAVES also take part in events where possible such as Blue Monday, Cornwall Pride, Student College Fairs and Information days etc. any opportunity to promote and bring awareness to our free domestic abuse counselling service in Cornwall for those in need.


Previous information for the group 8 placement is below for reference

Please read the information below before applying.

  • All applicants must complete the WAVES Training before being offered a placement with the project. This training takes place via face to face and in person in Chacewater, Cornwall UK. If you are unable to attend all the training dates listed below in person then you will not be offered a placement - If you live out of county and apply then we will assume you have made arrangements to attend the training face to face and are able to see clients in Cornwall UK. Please note, for some college courses you will be required to completed 30% of your counselling hours or higher in a face to face format with your clients, we can only offer face to face clients within the county.

  • All applicants upon accepting a placement offer must attend 9 out of 11 supervision dates - Supervision runs every month apart from during the summer holidays, you will be expected to attend the first 4 supervision dates listed below.

  • Applicants will be informed by late February/early March 2024 whether they have been successful or not for interview, applicants accepted for interview will be offered an interview between the end of Feb and around the start of March.

Training dates face to face (mandatory) at Chacewater, Cornwall UK, 10am to 4pm:

  • April 18th and 25th

  • May 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd

  • June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

  • July 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

Mandatory Supervision dates 10am to 1pm):

  • Friday September 13th (face to face in Chacewater)

  • Monday October 14th (zoom)

  • Monday November 11th (zoom)

  • Friday December 6th (face to face in Chacewater)


All training dates are 10am to 4pm:

  • Friday April 19th 2024 

  • Friday April 26th 2024

  • Friday May 3rd 2024

  • Friday May 10th 2024

  • Friday May 17th 2024

  • Friday May 14th 2024

  • Friday June 7th 2024

  • Friday June 21st 2024

  • Friday June 28th 2024

  • Friday July 5th 2024

  • Friday July 12th 2024

  • Friday July 18th 2024

  • Friday July 26th 2024


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