"Working Against Violence Empowering Survivors"


Providing confidential counselling for men and women who have been a victim of domestic violence or abuse regardless of income, gender, age or sexuality.

Self Referral

For those who want to refer themselves for counselling from WAVES. If you feel ready, go ahead and click below, you've got this!

Professional Referral

For professionals who want to refer a client into our service. If you have consent, click below.

Friend & Family Referral

For a friend or family member who wants to refer someone they know to WAVES for counselling. If so, click below.

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"WAVES has helped me with my emotional wellbeing as it has taught me to believe I count too"

—  WAVES Client

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About us

WAVES is a confidential counselling and outreach service provided by specialist trained counsellors. If you have experienced any form of domestic violence /abuse or family violence, this service may be for you.

By providing therapy and individual support for people, this project aims to enable people to make positive changes in their lives.

The WAVES Project also aims to make its services available to anyone who does not usually have access to therapy; people on low incomes, young people, disabled people, women, men, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+).

Contact Us

P.O. Box 80 Truro United Kingdom TR1 1YZ

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P.O. Box 80 Truro United Kingdom TR1 1YZ


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