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Male Posters

At WAVES we believe anyone who has experienced domestic abuse should have access to free therapy, that is why we continue in our mission to make contact with hard to reach groups who may not even be aware of our service.

Before the first COVID lockdown we had made a plan to target men as a part of these efforts, our smart posters were designed to be able to allow viewers to access support quickly and easily, and to be simplistic in nature. We have now since the summer been able to finally do this.

We have now sent out over 1,000 ‘smart’ posters countywide, encouraging people to seek help in a confidential way via their mobile devices, half of these have been designed to be aimed at men in particular and placed in male bathrooms, we have already begun to see the impact of this in our referrals – the landing page upon engaging without posters takes viewers to a secret but simplified part of our website to maximise chances of seeing help needed.

If you need help or know someone that does, then please make a referral at , it only takes 2 minutes!

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