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WAVES counsellors dare to complete 5000K to raise funds for free domestic abuse counselling

You heard right! WAVES Counsellors and their families are all getting their trainers on and completing 5000K in distance in a variety of forms of exercise to be able to raise vital funds to continue providing our free counselling service for domestic abuse.

So far there have been around 22 participants who have taken part within the last 24 hours, all individuals being voluntary counsellors or their family. We really are a stubborn lot!

It is no surprise to us at WAVES that domestic abuse cases have increased since the lockdown began, with anticipation of the lockdown we had doubled our efforts and began to look at new ways we could continue to offer our service despite being unable to meet clients face to face, and thus far it has been a successful effort and a new learning curve for our charity. At this unprecedented time some services across the country have struggled to adapt to new ways of working, some not having the capabilities to deliver support within the limits of the lockdown, however we are proud at WAVES that we have been able to adapt, modify, and change to meet the needs of those wanting support in the most practical ways available. It is important for us to continue to be spreading the word that despite the situation we as country find ourselves in, for WAVES it is business as usual - so if you or someone else you know would like free counselling support from our charity, whether you're male or female, you can make a referral via our website home page at, or by emailing or calling us (details at the top of this page).

Throughout the fundraiser, we will be doing whatever it takes to chip away at this large goal bit by bit, whether it is walking back and forth in our living rooms or running around the garden. It is true that every penny really does make a different to a charity such as ours, each donation not only allows us to support more clients but also allows us to reach isolated areas in Cornwall. We believe in being a service that is available for all, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, or income, and always will.

If you are able to help us spread the word or perhaps are able to donate a few pennies of your own then please visit our fundraising page at:

We will be sharing photos, videos and stories along the way of reaching our goal, we would love for you to be a part of our journey.

Remember you can also start a fundraiser of your own; got an idea? then visit for more details!

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