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Cornwall Pride 2017

WOW! What an amazing day! So we decided to make ourselves known this year at Cornwall Pride, that meant getting out media and marketing guy to sport a rather awesome golden glitter beard, rainbow colours (with matching rainbow hat and glasses) and chucking free key rings at everyone (did you get yours??).

Within the first few minutes of the parade, the hundreds of key rings had already depleted, supports and passers by loved them and we are glad we have been able to spread the word in this way, that we at WAVES support the LGBT+ community, that we will see anyone regardless of age, gender or sexuality.

There was such a fantastic vibe throughout the day, with Pride for the first time this year being held in Newquay, a place some may consider as the party town of Cornwall. The LGBT+ community arrived at the event in an array of colours, and there were some awesome live performances and acts throughout the day.

We were also lucky enough to be on a large page spread from the day in the local Newquay Voice.

We are always happy to support these events, and we intend to attend all future Pride events to make sure that those wanting access to our free counselling service, get just that!

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