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A poem by one of our own for those suffering abuse during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 Lockdown one of our own wanted to do something to try and help others who are being abused at this time. Many clients of WAVES have shared recently how difficult it must be to still be in an abusive relationship during this time, often wondering what it would be like if they to were still with their abuser, how they would cope, what they would do, whether they would survive. With this in mind a task was set of using her skills in creating a poem that would reach out to those very people who are struggling at this time.

Through all the abuse, our experiences, the challenges we face in life, there are times when the inner self who has seen and witnessed all we have been through can reach out, offer a hand, give clarity and speak to us. It may be that this inner self offers a compromise, a passing thought, plants a seed, to say that something needs to change, or something is not quite right, a doubt that can grow and turn into action.

It may be that you read this poem different to us, it may be that reading it now and in the future you might have a different perspective. Please do feel free to share your thoughts.

Remember, for WAVES it is business as usual, despite the lockdown we are continuing to reach out to clients wanting our free counselling services in a variety of ways, if you feel you would like support, worried you may be experiencing abuse, have experienced abuse, or currently experiencing abuse, you can contact us anytime to make a referral, either online via our website home page at or by emailing or calling us via 07815 136743.

The full poem is below:

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